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How to Create a Marketing Plan to Sell Your House

  • 3 min read

As a business owner, you know that you need a marketing plan in order to sell your products and services for top dollar. Selling your house is no different!  So, how do you create a marketing plan to sell your house?

As a business owner, your marketing plan demands structure, creativity, and something a little different from the “norm”. We get you. While we may have a general structure to our marketing plan we also look at the strategy of the seller to help shape the marketing plan.

It’s all about strategy.

Is the seller wanting to break records, test the market? Is the seller needing to sell quickly? Is the seller just putting feelers out to see if anyone bites? Is the seller serious about selling? Is the seller willing to make updates/improvements before listing? Is the seller wanting the path of least resistance? Is the seller remote and not involved in the process at all? Does the seller have any privacy concerns?

You may be thinking, the point is to sell the house, why would the marketing plan ever change if the goal is the same. That is just it, the goal is not the same for every situation. This is possibly how you found us. We aren’t “list it and forget it” agents. That is a huge disservice to you. We are all-in until the end with every client. It’s a journey and it may last thirty days or it could last months, depending on your goal.

Building the marketing plan

In building your marketing plan, we work to understand motivation, desired outcome, timeframe, and a variety of other factors. We plug-and-play the different options to create the best strategy. Timing is key. You can want everything ready and launched on day one, depending on the market and your ultimate goal, there could be reasons to do a staggered launch. As a business owner, you get it. If you spent your entire marketing budget to launch everything on day one, by day 5 things can be stale, and even more so by day 30. We work to present your house in the best light for the market and to meet your ultimate goal (which might not be just to “sell” the house – trust us!)

While we have an extensive toolbox of marketing we also get that you are an entrepreneur and sometimes you want to be involved in the process. We love learning new tactics from our clients. You can be sure that we’ve learned a lot over the years, tactics used outside of the real estate industry and some that are not yet utilized by agents in the Lake Norman area.

We’ll form your marketing plan and you can have as much involvement as you desire. If you want to be completely hands-off and trust our expertise, because we know you have a business to run too, we’ll take care of it all. You get to decide.