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Business Owners Tend to Make Quick Decisions – When it Comes to Buying a House, Make Sure Your Spouse is on Board!

  • 2 min read

In working with entrepreneurs and business owners over the years, we find they naturally (and sometimes unconsciously) go through an analytical process to determine what is important or not to them in buying or selling a house. Sometimes this happens even before voicing the decision to buy or sell a house.  It often comes out like this…”You know, I’ve been thinking it might be time to sell and move-up” or “I was driving around yesterday and I think we should consider buying a house.”

It is important to ask questions in the beginning, to ensure they have considered all aspects. The numbers are important but there are many things to consider. It is also interesting to hear their motivations for deciding to buy or sell a house.

It’s not always what you would think.

It is important to address both parties involved – separately, then, together. If both spouses are entrepreneurs, it can be very interesting to see how different each can think about the same thing.  

A non-analytical spouse needs to be walked through the process in a different way.

Often we find that the non-analytical spouse hasn’t been through the analytical wheel that their analytical spouse has been through and sometimes doesn’t want to focus on those items at all. We work to understand their expectations and desires in buying or selling a house. We start from the beginning and explain the process. Their motivations often sound more like…”I want to feel like my home is an oasis”, “I’d like a better view/yard”, or “I want/need more space to entertain”.

There is a process that we use at Space Collective to make sure both parties are on a path to the same goal. It is important to identify what each wants and expects, individually, in order to understand how far apart they truly are in the expectations. Once we find that gap, it’s easy to speak to each person in the way they need to hear the information. 

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