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Quarantine Spring Cleaning #STAYHOME

  • 2 min read
family in living room moving rug

You’re definitely spending more time at home than ‘normal’. Whether you had travel plans change, or you are now working remotely from home, or you have a ‘StayHome’ order from your local government, you probably have some extra time on your hands. Now is the best time to get ahead on spring cleaning! 

Your schedule has been cleared for you, so take advantage of this ‘extra’ time. A large project can seem daunting. Taking on a project like spring cleaning step by step can help it feel doable. Make a list of what you want to take care of, section by section. For example:

-Kitchen: clean floors, clean out fridge, clean out pantry, organize freezer items

-Backyard: sweep patio, clean furniture, clean light fixtures

Once you’ve made a step by step list for each part of your home, you can create a to-do list for the members of your house and spread the items out over the next week or two. 

(Check out this 30-day Declutter Plan)

This is also a great time to get rid of clutter.

If you are spending more time in your house than usual, it may become more obvious what is clutter and what is necessary. Take time to see if items are ‘clutter’… store them away. If you didn’t miss them over that week, you know it is time to toss or donate them when you can leave your house again.

As you continue to clean, you may be concerned about a shortage of cleaning products. Even if the shelves are running low on Lysol, you can create your own DIY disinfectant. A popular combination includes rubbing alcohol, essential oils, and water. You can also use vinegar and dish soap to clean glass! Vinegar is a universal cleaner and can do so much.

Lastly, try to make it fun. Open the windows if the sun is shining (but be careful of the pollen count, this could just create more for you to clean) and play your favorite music. Alternate indoor and outdoor ‘cleaning’ activities, to keep things interesting.