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Charlotte Weekly Real Estate Market Activity Report 092014

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Charlotte Weekly Real Estate Market Activity Report 092014

If you’ve seen more open houses lately, t’is the season!  Drop in a few and you might find more pumpkin spice cookies and apple cider being served.  Open houses are always a hit or miss in our area, if it is nice outside everyone is playing not house hunting.  Thank you to the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association you can now view the Weekly Market Activity Report for week ending September 20, 2014.

More pending sales but few new listings, this continues to be a seller’s market.  You never know what you may find but you can bet that if it is a beautiful home in a hot neighborhood, there will be multiple offers and within days of listing.  Buyers are on the hunt and know what they are wanting, so when that home hits the market, they are all over it in minutes.  I have even put in offers contingent on showing, so my clients would have first right of refusal.  Don’t be scared to take those chances if you know what you want.  Sometimes if you choose to sleep on it, that is what another buyer did the day before.  Get under contract, then you can sleep on it!

We love our Charlotte & Lake Norman markets and know the neighborhoods that are on fire.  Just because Spring is claimed to be the best time to purchase or sell a home, you can’t deny that Fall is pretty spectacular too.  In the South, we also get the benefit of mild winters which make it a great time to look for some deals!

Now that we are in the fourth quarter, start thinking about your home buying and selling needs, whether 3, 6, 9 or 12 months out.  It is never too early to watch the market and decide on an area/neighborhood.  Contact us today and we’ll educate you on the market and help you decide on that perfect area for you.  Then we will start your search for your next home in Charlotte & Lake Norman.

You can see the entire report here:  Charlotte Weekly Market Activity Report 092014

Charlotte Weekly Real Estate Market Activity Report 092014
 Charlotte Weekly Real Estate Market Activity Report 092014Charlotte Weekly Market Activity Report 092014