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Local Highlight: Kindred

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Local Highlight: Kindred

One of the best things for this local foodie is to have an award-winning restaurant in your backyard…close enough.  If you haven’t been to Kindred in Davidson yet, I hope you will make a point to try it soon & make sure you share the experience with some friends.  Kindred was ranked the number seven best new restaurant in Bon Appetit Magazine for 2015.

My excitement for Kindred began very early on and I made sure to be a part of their grand opening night.  Little did I know that the very first item we would eat would become the talk of the town…that milk bread!!  Of course we ordered a second helping and proceeded to stuff ourselves silly with multiple antipasta options, pastas, meats & I’d say we shared three desserts between four people.

Kindred Davidson
 Kindred bests…milk bread, cocktails & charcuterie

Kindred is not a once in a lifetime dinner.  Make sure you go back for lunch too & go often.  I have had the opportunity to enjoy many dinners there with friends & often host meetings or meet friends for lunch.  All of their sandwiches at lunch are made from their milk bread…ha, have I convinced you yet?  My favorites for lunch are the shrimp roll & the crispy chicken salad.  Try them & let me know what you think.

Kindred Davidson
 Mouthwatering sides, pasta & lunch!

Their handmade pastas are exquisite & the pasta sauces will boggle your mind with “how do they do this” thoughts…so so so good.  The menu items adjust throughout the year, but many remain the same.  For instance, I have had the scallops accompanied by maybe three different sauces/accompaniments and I’m sure I’ve missed some.  Every time, a little different but always fantastic.  The crispy oysters are also a fan favorite.

If you are in the mood for a cocktail, Kindred is a great place to indulge.  They formulate their cocktails from fresh ingredients and take great care to curate the perfect concoction.  Go with the bartender’s choice, if you like to venture beyond the menu.  A great idea and I recommend to try it at least one time…you’ll be impressed.

Kindred Davidson
 View from the Chef’s Table

I had the absolute pleasure of reserving the chef’s table recently and sharing it with some amazing people.  We were quite the motley crew but what a fun night that made.  A few meeting for the first time that evening, conversations flowed as good as the wine.

Can I mention the wine now?  We had a few but if you can try the Kith & Kin Cabernet on your visit, you will not regret it.  It was presented to us as, Joe Kindred’s go-to wine.  Correct me if I’m wrong, Melanie.

Melanie was our host for the evening and orchestrated quite the symphony of food and wine pairing.  The entire night flowed so smoothly and knocked our socks off.   Perfectly curated evening.  If you get the opportunity to reserve the chef’s table, do it and share the table with  old and new friends.  I guarantee you’ll have a blast and it’ll be a night to remember.  **and invite me, please**

After a visit to Kindred, take a walk through Davidson.

I’d love to hear what you think and your favorite dishes and cocktails.  Please share!  Check out more reviews & pics on Yelp.  As of this post, 199 reviews and a solid 4.5 stars…bravo!

**Note: This article was written in 2016. It was accurate at the time of publishing but things will change over time and we will attempt to update and note the updated date here. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!