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Winter Listing Strategy – PLAN AHEAD!

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Space Collective

Listing in
Winter Months

If you think you might want to list your home at any point over the winter months, read our tips below.  

We are scheduling exterior photo sessions with our photographer before September 10th, 2022.


Pro Tip: Take photos of the exterior before leaves turn in the Fall

We know, it's not always easy to plan for listing to sell.

More often than not, it is a slow build up to a move then it is a madhouse to list and make the move happen.  IF you think you might be nearing a move and that move may be in the winter months or before the spring blooms, it doesn’t cost that much to get photos taken before the leaves change and fall to the ground.  It just takes a little notice and prep work for the yard.  You’ll hold on to those photos until you are ready to sell.  If that happens to be in the winter months, you’ll be the ONLY or one of few that have the ability to show the yard in full bloom.  You’ll also stand out among all the bare trees and brown lawns (although, some photographers make the grass green and the sky blue, but they don’t put flowers or leaves back on the trees!).

Another reason to get those photos, if it snows in your area, it is super impactful to be able to show a different season in your listing.  People will see the winter setting when they visit and tour the home.  They won’t have any idea of the prize winning hydrangeas or rose bushes under that snow.  Trust us, you’ll reap the reward if you do list in February if you follow this one strategy NOW.  Get to it, you have until October and leaves may turn earlier in September depending on your area.  

Give us a call, we love using this strategy and have seen it work so well for our clients to break records even in what can be the dreary winter months.

Can you see the difference?

FALL Countdown (get your photos before this date!!!)


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