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We All NEED Gelato!

  • 3 min read

High quality gelato in Charlotte!

Why you should go to Va da Vie Gelato today!

You may feel the urge to speak a little Italian after visiting Va da Vie. If you have ever been to Italy and had really good gelato, you may know that you have been ruined for gelato in the US. Well, maybe not in Charlotte. I found Va da Vie Gelato on a Thursday of their first week of opening. I caught a glimpse of their building as I was walking to my car from the hardware store. I b-lined it to try this place out, not knowing it had just opened.

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This lovely couple, John & Wendy, played around making gelato for two years before opening the shop, which is truly a labor of love. I’m just sad I didn’t meet them within the two years before because I would have loved to be a taste tester. I guess that’s what family is for. Ask about the product, they love to share where they source their dairy, fruit, cocoa & pistachios (a-hem, Sicily, where else).

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Did I mention quality? They use the best ingredients, locally sourced, when possible and make the gelato fresh in the shop with the magical effe gelato machine. So, yes, it is a little expensive but when you consider the quality ingredients of this frozen goddess, you quickly forget the price. Plus, it’s about what you would pay for frozen yogurt in the area without the quality. Bravo!

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Location is fantastic in the middle of the parking lot at Park Road Shopping Center. If you ride the greenway, I strongly recommend lengthening your trip to include a stop at Va da Vie. You will not be disappointed and you don’t have to get on busy roads to get there from the greenway. Yay!

So, in true Italian style, visit this gelateria and close your eyes for a quick trip to Italy. Buongiorno tutti! Buon appetito!

I’d love to hear if you go and what you think.  Leave me a comment and let me know what flavors you love.  CIAO!