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Local Highlight: Davidson Farmer’s Market

  • 2 min read

Oh, Saturdays in Davidson, how I love thee.  I can’t say it enough, how much I love enjoying a good workout at Kadi Fit on Saturday morning then heading to the farmer’s market in Davidson.  We end up there with many of our friends or bumping into friends & neighbors.  We love getting a breakfast biscuit from the Millstone booth at the market then a rich pour over from Summit Coffee.  Sometimes we indulge in the food truck, Bleu Barn Bistro, for some grits and egg or breakfast burrito.  After enjoying our food & chatting with friends, we shop the local vendors for some fresh veggies, meats & bakery items.  Don’t forget to wait in line for those beautiful flower bouquets, too!

Davidson Farmer’s Market is ramping up for 2016 beginning April 2nd.  You can expect longer hours, 8am-noon, & it’ll be around every weekend (until winter).  Of course, the growing season is just beginning, so you’ll get the best stuff closer to June.  Say “hi” if you see me out!

Davidson Farmer's Market
 Photo Cred: Davidson Farmer’s Market website