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Local Highlight: Kadi

  • 4 min read
Local Highlight: Kadi

If you are looking to amp up your fitness in 2016, have I got a challenge for you!  If you know anything about me, you know I love Kadi Fit and have never wanted to workout more (for 5 years now!).  Of course, it also took committing to my fitness goals and making it a priority.  So, are you looking for a new place to sweat in 2016?  If you don’t already have your “never wanted to workout more” spot, come check out some crazy circuit training at any of the Primal classes or dance with me at Kardio Dance.

If you like to run in, workout, and run out.  You can do that at Kadi, but I challenge you to dig a little deeper & connect.  Utilize others strength to push yourself or use your strength to challenge others.  It’s amazing how much the support and challenges fuel you to new levels.
Check out the class schedule & first week is free!    Try as many as you can, because every instructor brings their own style and intensity.

Make sure you say “hi” if you see me there!  Monday is one of my favorite nights.  ?

Here is my review on Yelp:

“I have never WANTED to workout more…for the past 5 years and counting.  When you love to go work out & always know you will be challenged and get a great sweat while having fun and growing as a part of your own community…that means everything.  Not to mention the space is beautiful.  Check it out and see if it is the right fit for you…but make sure to try more than one class and more than one instructor.  As with most places, intensity levels & styles vary but don’t be afraid to bump it up or down a notch based on your fitness level.

Kadi is not just a gym it is a community that shares in your sweat, that helps motivate each other in life and gives back in big ways (like building a school in Kenya and hosting Bella Love events).  This studio can change your world, if you let it.  They live what they teach…kudos to that!  Katie kicks my tail and has built an amazing team that is always challenging and fun (can’t help but want to do more/be better).

A quick rundown on the classes: (classes are 30, 45 & 60 min)
Kardio Dance is super high energy but a ton of fun dancing to a wide variety of songs (edit…every instructor is different in their style so try them all & you’ll quickly find your favorites). 

  • Primal – 4 varieties and things change up often so it never feels too repetitive.
  • Primal Core – circuits focused on strengthening the core.
  • Primal Fight – boxing, jump rope, strength circuits.
  • Primal Evolve – quick circuits focused on strength, cardio & agility.
  • NEW Primal Sole in 2016!  – daily Primal circuits 30-45-60 min (you choose) that you can walk in at ANY TIME from 11-1pm.  Adds some flexibility in your workout schedule. (Check the schedule!!)

Yoga – Megan & Earl are awesome.  Saturday, the studio hosts an open yoga for the community, $5 and the teachers vary from all over the area.

Boga is a favorite for a mix of ballet bar work (but not on the bar anymore) with some yoga stretching at the end.  

Kardio Karve is a mix of primal & cardio dance (every instructor brings their own style…try them all!)

First week is free & you’ll be hooked.  They have monthly challenges that keep things interesting through the year.  They know how to bring people together and lift others up.  Say “hey” if you see me there & challenge me, please!  The class schedule changes a little some months (to keep us on our toes and to add some variety), so watch the website & join the MindBody app to keep it straight.

If you have kids, check out the kid programs.  It is way beyond ballet class and even has break dancing.  Boys and girls find a creative outlet, yay!

Community:  There are always fun events at the studio or outside in the Oak St Mill parking lot for the community each month, so get on their Facebook page to keep up.  They have huge hearts and give back in big ways.  Whether you workout here or not, you should know this place as a staple for events for the community, by the community.   It’s hard to miss. 

Cheers.  Namaste.  Love wins.  Give back.  Sweat.  Motivate.  Challenge.”