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Local Highlight: North Harbor Club

  • 2 min read
Local Highlight: North Harbor Club

Looking for one of the best Sunday Brunch spots in Lake Norman?  How about a great lunch spot to take clients or friends lake side?  Maybe a nice intimate dinner out?  This local highlight can fill all of those desires.  They also have a great room that you can reserve for large parties or events.

North Harbor Club swooned us first in 2005 by their location and the killer brunch.  Such a nice place to take company visiting from out of town.  I took some colleagues there because they requested a great steak and now it is one of my favorite steaks, but I think more for the pairings with the steak that make me want to cry, they are so good.  Of course, it got rave reviews from the entire table.  Yay, great success!

They have recently added a lounge area and additional seating outside to keep up with demand.  They do not take reservations for the patio, so expect a wait during prime eating times.  If you have to wait, it is always nice to grab a beverage at The Cottage or The Cabin and just relax…you’re buzzer will reach to The Cabin ?

Whether you are celebrating something or it’s just Tuesday, know you’ll have a great meal and experience at North Harbor Club.  If you go and want company, just call!  Yum!  Anyone else hungry for their crab cakes?  Enjoy!